Welcome to the Social Circle.

Active for the time being mostly in Cluj-Napoca, we work to create and connect circles of people, things and natural resources which would help us to build a happier, more responsible and more resilient society.

Up to date, we succeeded to develop a co-housing experiment within the gift economy paradigm, a community supported social business to recuperate, repair, reuse and recycle things that the community doesn’t need anymore, a community building festival in several neighborhoods of our city, a waste reduction week event and a few more actions to educate and involve the community in the circular economy mindset.

Until we manage to put here more content about our work and projects, feel free to watch a short movie released by The Story of Stuff Project, talking about the improvements we would love to see in our local and trans-local community.

About us

The “Social Circle” Association for the development of resilient and collaborative models of circular economy is an not-for-profit NGO, established in 2017 by four people involved and active for a number of years in the work for the social and cultural change of the Romanian society, in the towards building a happy, socially and environmentally responsible society, more resilient to the challenges brought by the economical and environmental crises that affected our existence in the last decade.

We are located in Cluj-Napoca, but we had projects and activities both in our city and at a local and international level, in fields like agroecology, youth and adult education, alternative economical models to the exchange, reuse and recycling of resources, voluntary simplicity, permaculture, circular economy, food waste reduction and more.


You can find us in Cluj-Napoca, on 22, Caisului Street.
Tel./Fax: +40-364-733519
Mobile: +40-755-331885
E-mail: cerculsocial@cerculsocial.ro
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/permanentacasa